Punisher 2099 – This is Really Awesome


Spider-Man 2099 and Punisher 2099 were my favorites. Spider-Man 2099 Spider-Man 2099 was the first 2099 book to be launched. Most of the line was well-liked for a whilst (especially Spider-man 2099 and X-men 2099 and Doom 2099). Punisher 2099 – Punisher was the last of the initial wave of 2099 books, and right after Ravage came out, I wasn’t positive it had a real role.

In 1992, Marvel Comics launched their 2099 imprint with Spider-Man 2099. Subsequent TIME: We start our appear at the second generation of Marvel 2099 titles with X-Guys 2099 and 2099 Unlimited/Hulk 2099! X-Guys 2099 All in all, X-Males 2099 may well have been my favourite 2099 title.

The 2099 books could have continued longer than they did given that (towards the finish) Spider-man 2099 and X-males 2099 kept promoting nicely and Doom 2099 did pretty effectively. The year is 2099. Punisher 2099 was a single of 4 initial titles in the Marvel 2099 imprint, which later expanded to contain titles like the X-Guys and the Hulk.

I by no means read Punisher 2099 outside of the occasional crossover concern (Fall of the Hammer” being the only 1 I can keep in mind). Punisher and Doom had been each excellent before 2099 AD, and 2099 Limitless and X-Nation are a lot of fun too. Marvel Age #117 (cover date October 1992) featured a multipage spotlight piece introducing the first four Marvel 2099 titles—Spider-Man 2099, Doom 2099, Ravage 2099, and Punisher 2099.

The Punisher Vol 2 1987 series, Punisher 2099 and The Punisher Vol three 2000 series are on this web page. I cannot bear in mind significantly about FF 2099 (have been they the originals like Doom?), Hulk 2099 (only his appearances in Exiles years later) and X-Nation 2099. Punisher 2099 #1 hit stores in December 1992 (due to how cover dates in comics function, Punisher 2099 #1 had a February 1993 cover date), the fourth and final entry in the inaugural Marvel 2099 publishing slate.

Of all of the typical 2099 comic book series, Spider-Man 2099, X-Men 2099 and Ghost Rider 2099 they did fairly good. Although not a breakout hit, X-Men 2099 sold nicely through its second year of publication: in 1994, it moved over 3 times as several issues in the direct marketplace and by means of subscription ( 368,867 ) as Punisher 2099 ( 120,615 ), and it was poised to overtake Spider-Man 2099 as the Marvel 2099 imprint’s flagship title. David picks a preferred character in the Punisher 2099 series.

In today’s Spider-Man 2099 #7, The Punisher of year 2099 returns to deliver his excessive brand of justice to the Marvel Universe. The Punisher 2099 #1 by Pat Mills, Tony Skinner, and Tom Morgan was the fourth series in the 2099 line of books, which followed Spider-Man 2099, Ravage 2099, and Doom 2099. In contrast to prior Marvel 2099 characters, Hulk 2099 did not debut in a self-titled series.

Possibly understanding a lesson from Lee’s premature reveal of The Marvel Planet of Tomorrow, Marvel did not take the wraps off what would be known as its Marvel 2099 imprint until August 1992, a month just before the very first Marvel 2099 title was to hit the stands.

Spiderman 2099 – Did You Read This?


But in Spider Man: Edge of Time Miguel has no concept who she was. Even back at the announcement that man in Superior Spider-Man would in reality not be Peter Parker several fans speculated that Miguel ‘Hara would be the man below the mask. Spiderman 2099 #1, published by Marvel Comics, November 1992. In such a globe of high-tech wonder and fear, can 1 man make a difference?

I never know too a lot background on this but definitely enjoyed this version of Spiderman. Right after his very first dip in the Lazarus Pit, Bruce was currently sporting the physique of a match middle-aged man. He asked Spider Man to describe her look, when she was attacked by the tentacles Miguel known as her name but Mary Jane ran simply because she could not recognize his voice or his costume.

He grew up with his eccentric mother, Conchata, younger brother Gabriel, and the abusive man he believed to be his father, George. He also has a tiny (but workable) rogues gallery, which includes Stegron the Dinosaur Man and the Iguana (an actual iguana). Spider-Man 2099 was a single of the numerous Marvel characters to be re-imagined for the Marvel 2099 comic book line that showed future versions of classic Marvel characters living in the year 2099, a century right after the current Marvel Universe time period (the Marvel 2099 timeline began its run in 1992, approximately 107 years prior to the year in which the new books would take place).

When Spider-Man 2099 launched in 1992, it was 1 of 4 Marvel books set in this future universe alongside Punisher 2099, Doom 2099 and Ravage 2099. Though he has provided into his primal urges a handful of occasions over the years, he is a excellent man at (his beating) heart, so he does every thing he can to fight evil, such as the desires in his darkened soul. There a man named Fernando Morgez performed an arcane ritual to revive his dead sister Anita, inadvertently summoning zombies from a nearby graveyard as an alternative.

He’s going to wind up going head to head with a new Inhuman, have a smack down with Man Mountain Marko and a new Sinister Six and, most interestingly, have a confrontation with Tempest’s mother that does not end the way he thinks it will. Spider-Man 2099 gets his own book in Marvel NOW!, and it was a brief but entertaining ride. The villain in this comic is an adjuster from the Temporal Oversight Team Eliminating Errors, or TOTEM, which is one of those great superhero comics acronyms.

Of the 2099 titles, Spider-Man 2099 was the most develop, and Peter David was his creator. Recent comics have added a new wrinkle when Curt has allowed himself to be thrown in jail, all whilst refusing to inform anyone his mind is in charge of the Lizard’s physique because he believes he deserves to be locked up permanently for his crimes, even if Peter Parker and others believe Curt himself is an innocent man. But if David reaching back and incorporating his own creations from yesteryear is how we’re going to get a memorable superhero vs. supervillain showdown in a Spider-Man comic book this year, I’ll take it.